We feel so blessed to have found the incredibly adorable French Bulldog.  We have been showing and breeding them since 1991.  We have over 20 Conformation Champions and 3 highly titled Agility girls, including 2 that have their Excellent Titles.

The French Bulldog is so comical and entertaining .  You cannot get mad at them.  Why???   Because they are just too cute.  Even their slight stubbornness is irresistable and will only make you laugh.  Maybe the Frenchie is not for everyone (you really should have a sense of humor to live with one), but  most who meet them find them unlike other dog breeds.  They really are unique and they will steal your heart.

The import of French Bulldogs into the USA is huge at the moment.  Please be careful not to get caught up in buying a puppy that is from a broker or irresponsible breeder.  Also, the dogs you find in a Pet Shop are usually from a Puppy Mill situation.  No responsible breeder would ever put their puppies in a Pet Shop to be placed.  Responsible breeders want to know where their puppies go, and interview the prospective buyers to make sure that the puppy and the people are suited for each other.  All puppies are cute - Just beware!!!

We only sell puppies on a spay/neuter agreement.  We do not ship our puppies.  We occassionally have a retired show dog that we will place in a "forever loving home".

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